Nightwatchers is a punk band from Toulouse (France) that just started in january 2016.

Freddy, Kevin, Julien and David used to play in some other bands you don't give a shit about. It was basically supposed to sound like a mix of The Misfits and The Ramones, but swedish bands, Portland and postpunk fucked it up. Straight forward music for simple minds : No tubes amps, reverb, delay and chorus, the more hi-hat the better.

Nightwatchers released two EP in two years, both on P. Trash (ger), No Glory (fr), La Agonia de Vivir (sp), Inhumano (ch) and Endless Daze Records (USA). Both were lyrically focused on "the police" and its relationship with "the people" nowadays. The writing has the specificity to put the reader in the shoes (or in the mind) of a police officer. Nightwatchers toured Europe twice between 2016 and 2018; trying to spread their music and their aestetic vision of punk rock beyond the borders. It was good fun, so they decided to keep it up and write an album, in the year 2018. They also decided that two records dealing with police brutality was eventually enough. As a matter of fact, there's still a lot that could be said, as the french actuality is kind of tormented. I guess we're a tough Nation to handle. The boss didn't expect that, he's quite new to the job you know.



FRI 03.05 - Saint Etienne (FR) + Riot Porn
SAT 04.05 - Zurich (CH) @Obenuse Fest
SUN 05.05 - Olomouc (CZ) tbc
MON 06.05 - Wien (AT) + No Problem
TUE 07.05 - Bratislava (SL) 
WED 08.05 - Praha (CZ)
THU 09.05 - Liepzig (DE) + Priors
FRI 10.05 - Strausberg (DE)
SAT 11.05 - Bremen (DE)
SUN 12.05 - Hamburg (DE) tbc
MON 13.05 - TBA
TUE 14.05 - TBA
WED 15.05 - TBA
THU 16.05 - TBA
FRI 17.05 - Lille (FR) + Short Days
SAT 18.05 - Orléans (FR) tbc