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THE LOVERS are a blues-punk band from Langenthal / Switzerland.

Since its foundation in 2013, THE LOVERS have played nearly 200 shows all Switzerland and during four foreign tours in 20 different countries all over Europe.

The Band

Holy heart attack! You might think THE LOVERS are finally old enough to know better! Fortunately, they are not!Loud garage rock and ecstatic RockandRoll with a spicy pinch of blues and power pop of the wild sort are the focus of each of their sweaty live shows.

The return to the foundations of modern rock'n'roll - the blues and the early punk - forms both the musical basis and the starting point for the innovative development of the style. The live program consists almost exclusively of own compositions and is characterized by a sweaty intensity and dilettante joy of playing and megalomaniacal risk-taking.

In addition to their wild electric shows THE LOVERS can play a quieter acoustic set, which they play before or after concerts or spontaneously somewhere on the road.

Come to a show and see the world how THE LOVERS do!Releases